How can I hold onto my fat??

Yes, you heard me correctly.  How can I stay fat?  It is super easy.............

Do you ever skip breakfast?  I mean, I've been there back in the days when my children were toddlers and I had to get everyone up and ready, deliver the oldest two to school, then deliver one child to daycare and the last one to a babysitter.  Oh, and I had to somehow get myself ready and end up at work without looking like a complete train wreck...........time for breakfast?  NOPE.  Pack a semi-decent lunch?  NOPE.  No wonder that pregnancy weight was so hard to get off.

Here's how it goes.  When you wake up in the morning you probably haven't eaten for approximately 10 to 12 hours.  When you start your day, the little operators in your body call out over the loud speaker, "Okay, she's up and moving!  We should be getting some fuel any minute now to break the fast we've been on all night while systems were shut down." 

The operators will sit and wait briefly.... but they're not patient for very long.  As soon as they realize that you are up and moving and have NOT given them fuel to operate the very basic systems like walking, talking, thinking, etc., they call out over the loudspeaker, "ALERT, ALERT, it looks like she's not going to refuel at this time.  Do not burn any more fat.  I repeat, do not burn anymore fat.  We must conserve for later use." 

At this point all systems begin to store fat and your body begins to enter starvation mode, slowing your metabolism down to a crawl to conserve the calories (energy for vital functions) you may need to stay alive!

So you have skipped breakfast, fat burning has stopped, fat storage has begun, and you still haven't eaten because you are just too busy.  But these operators are super smart (your body is much smarter than you) and they realize that now it is around 12 noon and you haven't eaten in about 15 to 18 hours (because your last meal was dinner the night before), so the operators call out over the loud speaker:  "All systems, we are officially starving.  She has not fed us and we cannot continue to function without fuel.  We need fuel.  We must begin muscle burning to conserve energy and decrease metabolism immediately (muscles burn more calories so they are the first to go when you do not eat).  I repeat, begin muscle burning."  

Your body has no other choice but to eat its own muscle because of muscle's high caloric requirement, basically cannibalizing itself.  Bottom line:  Your body will NOT burn fat without fuel. 

Finally you have gotten to some food, your blood sugar is in the dirt by now and you could eat your arm.  By this time you are not interested in a small meal, you are hungry - yes, it is time to EAT!  At this point you consume more than you know you should and more than the body can use.  The operator gets on the loudspeaker again and says: "Attention, refueling in progress.  Use what you need for system maintenance."  The systems take what it needs (which isn't much) and uses it for fuel, BUT more fuel is still coming in so the operator says, "Too much fuel; we have a refueling overload.  Store excess for future use."  (Storage is bad by the way).

So you are now full but feel guilty because you overindulged.  

By going all those hours without eating you managed to turn off the fat-burning mechanism, store additional fat, burn up some muscle, and slow down your metabolism!  Besides that, you're now stuffed and you feel guilty for overindulging.  

Make sense?  If you eat right when you get up and eat small meals every 2 to 3 hours all day long, your body does what it is supposed to do!  You will quickly see the benefits of this by your energy level soaring and your clothes getting looser each week.

You non-breakfast eaters aren't the only ones that experience this fat-storing phenomenon, it is also those of you that eat lunch and then decide not to eat ANYTHING until 6 or 7 pm when you start making dinner and then eat almost everything you are preparing while you are preparing it because you are starved because you haven't eaten in six or so hours.

So now you know how to hold on to the fat..........but why would you want to do that?  

Plan your snacks, go shopping, pack it up before you head out for the day, and don't forget to eat it -- five to six mini meals - aim for 100 grams of protein daily, which means approximately 20 grams each snack.

Eat to feel energized and burn fat all day long - and get your booty to boot camp!

Break a sweat or go home!
Suzanne, Debrah, Grenda & Shelley

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