"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you
get tired of doing the hard work you already did."
Body Transformation is NOT an Accident!
YOU can GET RESULTS in the real world.  Learn how
How can I hold onto my fat?
Yes, you heard me correctly. How can I stay fat?  It is super easy...

What's best for weight loss...
High intensity or low intensity?  Find out!

Eat more protein, get your best body faster!
In one study, subjects who ate protein immediately after workouts increased their 
lean muscle mass and lost belly fat twice as fast in 12 weeks as subjects who ate 
the same amount of protein two hours later (wow!).  Read article here...

Weight Loss - Sml

Tricks the Stars Use to Lean Out plus Meal Plan and Workout!
When you see photos of Cameron Diaz’s slim silhouette or Jessica Alba’s flat post-pregnancy
tummy you probably wonder just how Hollywood stars stay so lean or snap back into shape so quickly.
Here, the skinny on exactly what the big names do to get red-carpet ready.
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The 5 WORST Metabolism-Killing Foods on the Planet…


Foods are just like people – a mixture of good and bad qualities.

But some foods land pretty low down on the “bad” scale. They can wreak havoc on your metabolism and cause whole body inflammation and swelling…contribute to problems in digestion and vitamin/mineral absorption, slow down fat burning and disrupt hormones.

Even though it may not be possible to avoid every one of these foods 100% of the time, you should seriously consider dialing them down in your diet.

Your waistline will thank you!



» 3-5% reduction in body fat
» 5-12 pounds of weight loss
» 1-3" decrease in the midsection
» 25% increase in strength
» 25% improvement in endurance
» Better relaxation
» Greatly improved posture
» 100% gain in self-confidence
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